Jun 27, 2009

Connex Cracked the Sads

I reckon (on the prompting of my girlfriend) that Connex, who were predictably canned for their brand damaging effort on Melbourne public transport, have cracked the shits. Like a spoiled school boy bitch, they've crossed their arms and whined, "Fine then!" before proceeding to bring the heaviest load of late, delayed and cancelled trains yet. Stories abound of friends tweeting, facebooking or talking like a normal person about having dreadful service.

I say this sitting at Flinders Street station after our train, already 5 minutes late, was announced to be delayed another 15.

Bloody sooks. You failed folks, sorry, but that's what happens when you're shithouse. Don't get me started on people who say Connex are scapegoats for the goverment's failures. They paid money to Connex to be resposible for the trains. RESPONSIBLE!!

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