Jun 26, 2009


It's really sad that MJ died. I always maintained that despite the controversy, the man wrote friggin' kick-arse music and danced like a maniac. Very few folks had such a huge sense of showmanship - and Moonwalker was awesome. It's almost a pity he didn't die earlier to immortalise his fame in the same way Hutchence, Cobain and Morrison did before him. He would have avoided the darker part of the Jackson legend.
Either way, I'm gonna miss the guy's style and it's a shame we couldn't see the three year tour he had planned.

On a lighter note, my sister Amy and I came up with some cracking headlines if any journos need some for the passing of Farrah Fawcett. Ready? Ahem...(poor taste warning)
  • Fawcett Turned Off.
  • Fawcett's Last Drip.
  • Farrah-way.
Pretty good, huh?
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