Jun 6, 2009

The Chaser

You probably know the story. The media jumped right on it, and if
you're their typical, ignorant suburban moron of an audience, you got
sucked right up into the cretinous, transparent farce of outrage they
created. You didn't even bother to watch the sketch, as you were too
lazy to actually think for yourself and said 'I don't want to see that
filth.' Or worse, you watched it and weren't offended or even giggled,
but at work wouldn't dare express as such, as you have to tow the line.

And to be straightforward, 'the media' means tabloid newspaper (though
I struggle to see how the compromised drek they publish is news) The
Melbourne Herald Sun and its pathetic interstate equivalents. I mean
The Age, once something above bias blood boiling (or is that romantic
nostalgia lying to me?). I mean Channel 7, 9 and 10 news, who I know
for a fact will eschew the truth and gleefully ignore fact to put the
most sensationalist slant on events. I was in the news room of one of
them the day Heath Ledger died, and their treatment of hearsay as
newsworthy was disgusting and irresponsible.

I'm referring to The Chaser's 'Make a Realistic Wish' sketch and the
fact that the show has been suspended for two weeks by the ABC as a result.

I didn't want to be another gnattering online voice adding my words to
an already polluted pool of bullshit. I figured the furore would
simply go through the news cycle, receive overblown but cursory
attention and then disappear. The Chaser would go on doing what they'd
been doing: making occasionally controversial comedy in a free,
democratic first world country where you can say what you like, so
long as it isn't illegal, and be shut down if they don't rate well.

But things have gone too far. Now, free speech has been impinged upon. It
boils down to this age old paraphrase, "I don't like what you say, but
I'll fight to the death for your right to say it." The ABC however - a
channel that doesn't rely on advertising and thus can't even hide
behind the capitalist giant - has not only lowered its sword against
a rabid mob, but turned on its own and thrust.

How dare the ABC take punitive measures against The Chaser! Did the
Powers That Be not have a chance to view the show and decide the
material was too controversial? If they didn't view it then they are
the ones who were not doing as they should. If they did view the show
and let it pass, then they are hypocritical bastards for not sticking
to their convictions. Either way, whoever made the decision to
suspend is a pathetic coward. The ABC have effectively made the same
decision the public made in order to crucify The Chaser so; that The
Chaser truly meant to kick sick children and deliberately offend them
and their loved ones. The press release Chaser will send out shortly
says that of course they never meant to. And, honestly, even if they
did, they should bloody well be allowed to! Democracy and free speech
doesn't mean you can pick and choose. If you don't like what someone
says, you have every right to rebut. You don't have the right to
silence the speaker. If you want that, join the Taliban, you
sanctimonious, self-righteous pricks.

Is this the way it is now? You can only make content on TV if the
great unwashed masses are comfortable with it? I despise everyone who had a hand in this.

Note: I should mention that some of what I said is unfair. People in the city can be just as stupid and ignorant. Thank you.

Here is the contentious clip:

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