May 8, 2009

A Short Vacation

I'm going away for a week. It's exciting and leads me to the stunning realisation that I have never taken a holiday for myself. I've taken sickies or just spent a few days doing whatever I want that isn't work, but I've never booked a location and gone on a little trip somewhere. Isn't that amazing? I don't mind, overall. It is the by-product of a hard working man.

So a few bits of house keeping before I depart:
  1. Please click on the two videos you'll be delighted to discover are on the right there. They're ads for Doritos that our company created, and Christ on a bike, they are very, very good.
  2. Enjoy the new layout I've popped in, with thanks to Callan, our Creative Director, for the fab logo and design.
  3. The Herald Sun is disgusting. Their front page report on the torture of the Melbourne CBD Shooter was sadistic in how much it relished the fact he had a tattoo burnt off with a blow torch. They actually dared to phrase the suffering as justice. I don't care what the guy did, it is NOT the job nor is it appropriate or responsible for a national newspaper to condone corporal punishment and even vigilante justice like that. When I get back, I'm launching a slagging tirade at that dreadful rag. I'll call it Bullshit Watch or something similarly snappy and intelligent.
Now, I get to turn on that sweet auto-reply on my email that says I'll be away until the 14th. I've never got to turn that on before. Awesome!
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