May 21, 2009

GTA Ballet

The coolest thing happened during a bit of GTA IV on my XBOX last night. I was at that point you get to sometimes where you simply ignore missions and start shooting all passersby and blowing up cars with an array of weapons. As I watched with glee a victim of a grenade get tossed off a cliff in Alderney's south, I spotted a utilities worker at the top of a power line pole. I marveled at such a mundane but reality-enhancing touch, and to celebrate, locked my reticule, pulled the pin of a grenade and arced it at him. With perfect timing (I've long been an excellent grenadier), the explosion occurred right at the poor chap's feet. He soared high into the foggy air and I cheered loudly, my girlfriend shaking her head at my gratification. He floated over my head and then smashed into the crooked surface of rock that the road was cut into. I was so excited and proud I had a nerdgasm. If only I could've recorded such an event to share with you fine people. Oh well, my description will have to suffice. Hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did executing it.
Click the pic below for a bit o' fun.

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