Sep 28, 2012

The Guy Who Told Me To "Keep Walking, Faggot"

I forgot to write this story up. I'd been meaning to after it happened, and now I'm reminded because of this article by bridgetneval, showing a long list of nasty things that have been done to women as they go about their lives. It reminded me of this:

About a month ago, I was in Sunshine, western inner suburb of Melbourne. It was a sunny day, about 1pm. I came out of Sunshine Plaza's JB Hi Fi exit. My scooter was parked in front of NAB. For the uninitiated, I'm exiting a big door, and to my left, maybe five meters, my scooter is parked on the sidewalk.

As I fiddled for my keys, I looked over at my scooter. I heard a young man I'd not even noticed mutter something. I kept walking for a few seconds before I even realised he'd muttered it at me. He'd just threatened me!

"Keep walking, faggot."

My brain took a slow while to put together what and why. I'd looked over to my scooter, which was behind the man leaning against the edge of the doorway exit. He must have thought I was looking at him. He was standing, talking to a girl. He must have been arcing up to look tough in front of her.

If I'd actually heard the threat at the time, I may have stopped and looked right at him, most likely out of surprise. My experience tells me he'd have taken that as a return volley. It could have escalated.

This guy must be pretty basic to be acting like that, but that's how dickhead guys act towards other guys. I was just so surprised! It came out of nowhere! There are dickheads in the world, everywhere, and no one's immune. We just receive their dickheadery in different ways and varying levels of aggression.

Please, don't be a dickhead.
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