Jul 3, 2009

Episode VI

I just watched the original trilogy. Star Wars Episodes IV through VI. I downloaded them, hoping I'd get the real original trilogy. I did not. So Lisa and I sat through the films, enjoying most of it and cringing at the forced in 'modern' scenes. The scenes and elements added to the film that added zero to the story. That bore no relevance to the film. That sucked. We sat through them patiently, complained when they occurred, but overall we enjoyed the flicks again (Episode V is my favourite). But the last straw was broken, forced into my anus and set alight so that my intestines exploded with expanding methane and bile and rage surged from my mouth. Both Lisa and I screamed with horror when, at the very end of the film, the ghost of Anakin Skywalker appears next to Yoda and Obi Wan...AND IT'S HAYDEN FUCKING CHRISTENSEN!

I had fucking forgot about this! In fact, I don't think I'd even realised it when I watched the butchered re-cuts. I felt emotion as Darth Vader died and then eagerly awaiting seeing Anakin in his full glory, outside of the terrifying machine armour. What I got was a slap int he face with the shrivelled, cum moistened cock of a sad little fat CUNT named George Lucas. How dispicable. How horrendous. How disrespectful - disrespectful tot he fans, but worse, disrespectful to Sebastian Shaw, the man who actually played Darth Vader out of the mask.

You're a pathetic man George Lucas. You are pathetic and I hope you die after a thousand years in the belly of a sarlacc.

THE REAL ENDING, as it should be. As it IS.
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