Jun 26, 2013

Alternate Reality AusPol

In science fiction, there is a story element featuring an aberration in a greater force – space/time continuum, the force, fate. An event occurs that throws the natural order of things out of whack, and for the duration of the story, everything goes weird. The Russians won the Cold War, Earth was enslaved by aliens, mum and dad never got together. The hero, trapped in this strange, recurring aberration, spends his or her time trying to rectify the tear or warp or magical twitch, and in the end, everything slurps back down a vortex of time and reverts back to normal, with none but the hero any the wiser.

If Kevin Rudd wins this next ballot and returns to Labor leadership, and then his party is defeated, there’s a nice symmetry that would, in a science fiction plot, be the perfect plot device that brings everything slurping back to the way things were.

Rudd was heading to a Labor loss when Julia Gillard stepped in. The following election cycle, with its hung parliament, the constant battle between Rudd and Gillard and the invisible but omnipresent opposition leader were all so bizarre, the years felt like that warp, that tear, that divergent timeline where everything was wrong.

I hope Rudd wins the ballot, because then he’ll lose the election he was meant to lose, and all in the Labor party will be razed, torn out, slurped away as that ‘shadow universe’ and Australian politics, maybe, will return to a more regular, comfortable, predictable, forward moving world.

Only we’ll all know, and there were no heroes.

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