Mar 8, 2012

Kony, Charities and Commenting

The Kony thing is big right now. I watched it, was moved by the video for my own reasons, then I saw all the backlash. I can't help but feel ambivalent about the backlash, because really, we can all find ways to shrug off some charity or the other. I get steamed seeing all the pink ribbon product bouncing around, because it seems to eclipse any other, equally pressing charity or cause, so I sometimes find myself boozily railing against it amongst my smug pocket of young, white, middle-class professional friends.

But pink ribbon research into curing and supporting breast cancer patients is of course very worthwhile. The cause of Kony is too. So is the RSPCA. Or Men's Shed. Or Beyond Blue. Or Carers Victoria. Or Cystic Fibrosis Australia. Or Amnesty International. Or the bearded homeless fellow in the city who wears a peaked cap, always looks half asleep and holds out a cup for change.

For any and all of these organisations and people, I could find a reason to say no and tell my friends to avoid them. Some have evidence against them, some just give me a funny feeling. At the end of it all, I decide, quietly or publicly on Facebook, to support or not. I could also decide to dedicate my time to loudly proclaiming my position against one or all of these organisations.

My point? What's more annoying: the person who re-posts a popular non-profit's message, or the person who comments against that post?
UPDATE: Um, never mind!
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