Jan 10, 2012

UPDATE: Stuff I've Done

Here's some stuff that's been put up around the internets by Simmy G.

On The Nervous Breakdown, I look at the comedian Louis C.K.'s Live At The Beacon Theatre sales experiment, and what it means for the future of the industry. He made $1 million!

Mia Freedman copped it, and I defended her... sort of. On The Punch, I express a feeling many Australians share: that sport isn't everything, and maybe we should have a ticker tape parade for nobel prize winners too. This one got a lot of people (unnecessarily) angry.

I was confused as hell when a woman who won an award for helping deaf children hear was attacked in the media by deafness advocates. Read my piece on ABC's Ramp Up, where I learn all about deafness as a culture, not just a malady.
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