Mar 22, 2011

Spies and White Lies

I just made a video with Xtranormal.
It's called Spies and White Lies, a little comedy that features a couple who aren't what they appear, sidetracked by a rather delicate question.

No doubt you've seen the litany of vids made with this online software, most of them featuring fuzzy rabbits and bears taking the roles of creative and client (designer and client, production manager and director, SEO agent and client), and then getting more and more frustrated with one another, until expletives pour out of their mouths like confetti. Confetti fired from a mouth cannon.

The neat thing about this software is that you can type in a script with a two or one-hand scenario, and then pick the shots, the movements and the facial expressions. It's a cheap, easy way to play around!

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