Sep 13, 2010

Melbourne Show Copy Fail

I saw a poster for The Royal Melbourne show that really pointed out why companies need a skilled copywriter.

No doubt if you live in Melbourne, you've seen this poster at tram shelters and train stations. The problem is the prevalence of those unwarranted little apostrophes after Moo, Baa and Ooh. The apostrophe between a word and an s denotes ownership. This poster can be roughly translated as saying the show belongs to Moo, Baa and Ooh - and then someone screams. It could also be saying there are three stores owned or named after Moo, Baa and Ooh, and that this causes someone so much grief they have to scream Aaaggh!

Maybe Moo, Baa and Ooh take the prize for best cow, sheep and carrot cake each year, and the little kids in the picture are frustrated contenders who've had enough of the trinity's dominance? Whatever the case, if those apostrophes were inserted on purpose, the intention isn't very clear. If they were a mistake, then that's a city-wide mistake seen by lots of eyes. If you have a business that's communicating to the world, to a small local network or even to your employees, it's wise to have someone who understands language and communication. A skilled copywriter can save you from putting out what I think we can safely call a copy disaster.
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