Oct 9, 2009


I'm an editor. I do a lot of editing for work. I just came out of editing for months on end, in a row. I mean, there were no weekends, no going home to rest. I'd been editing in a little room without a window. It had just enough space for a desk laden with monitors and drives and a keyboard, then my wooden kneeling-stool fits comfortably underneath. I didn't have a chair because they said it wasn't cost effective, but that's alright. Editing is its own reward, and the kneeling-stool improves my posture. There's enough space, if I push the stool out, to sleep under the desk. If I keep the door closed and the computer on overnight, I keep warm. It's alright though, I'm an editor. We do this sort of thing.

Did I also mention I'm an artist? Yeah, being an editor is the same thing as being an artist. I was being an artist just the other day, in my little room, bathed in the glow of my screen. I was cutting footage and it struck me, "Wow! I am such an artist!" I flashed back to when I first started being an editor, er, an artist...an artistic editor. I felt pretty cramped, pretty yucky being in there all day, but after a few days, I remembered that artists have to struggle for their arts. I totally struggled. My knees are now giant big tree knots. I can't really straighten my legs all the way out. How much of being an artist is that!?

Heaps I reckon.

I finished up editing though. I came out into the light today, blinking tears out of my eyes because the sun was too bright and I wasn't used to it. I noticed the world looked kind of square and pixelly, which is good, because that means I see differently to other people. That makes you an artist too, did you know that? I also thought as I walked home, "Gee, I sure wish I could cut this bit out and jump cut to being home. That'd be neat." As soon as I thought that, I laughed knowingly and gave myself a little high-five, because I realised that now I think differently to everyone else, and that means I'm an artist too. When I got home and greeted my girlfriend for the first time in months, she gave me a really big hug. She was super happy to see me. I was happy too, so happy I didn't even complain when my feeble ribs fractured just a little bit as she squeezed me. We had dinner and went to bed, but I felt like something was wrong. I tossed and turned for a bit but then it hit me: I'm an artist now, but my girlfriend isn't! I got out of bed immediately and signed my girlfriend up for some editing jobs online. There weren't many though, so I also filled out writing applications too. Writers are artists as well, even if they're not as good but, so it's alright if she's one of them.

It might be sad if I have to break up with her because she isn't an artist, but that's what you have to do if you want to be an artist. I am an artist already, so I have to do it. You don't have to be artist, but you won't be as good as me and other people who are artists too. I was told that's not rude, it's just the way it is, so I'm allowed saying it.

Boy, I can't wait to start editing again...does being an artist wear off over time?

She's an artist too!

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