Sep 5, 2009

Hey Melbourne Comic Shops, What's The Deal?

So I've been toying with the idea of getting into comics, as in getting myself subscribed to a couple of books instead of buying the trade paperback collections every now and then. I wasn't sure how much they costs each and what's out there, heck, I wasn't even sure how it works exactly. To remedy this, I figured my best course of action would be to find one of the websites of a Melbourne comic book shop and see what the dealio might be.

I couldn't find a single one. Not one of the handful of Melbourne comic shops seemed to have a site. Please, if I'm wrong or missed them, link me in the comments ASAP.

Huh?I found it incredibly amazing and rather stupid that these stores, in the 2000s, don't have sites. What the hell? I mean, they've got it tough as it is. Comic shops don't do very well down in Oz - I mean, they could be doing a lot better, y'know? But they sure as hell aren't helping themselves by not catching up with the rest of the world, both business and personal worlds, and getting freakin' websites! Even a free blog or a freewebs page - sheeit, even a google or yahoo page.

Here's the thing guys - you delightful comic store owners out there - I was all like, "Awesome, I'm gonna give you guys money 'cause I wanna subscribe to books in your store, thus willingly linking myself to you guys as a customer for months, maybe even years!" and I couldn't even find you guys, couldn't even find a way to contact you, except via phone. I wanted to connect with you guys, but I couldn't. If I wasn't so damn dogged, you might've lost yourselves a customer.

Instead, I'm going to offer some help. My biznads, Green Rabbit, does killer websites. We even set up online stores and cool ways for customers to interface. It would be fun setting up some websites for these guys, so I'm a-gonna contact them and try to get them online.


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